How To Fix Two Key Challenges for Analytics Projects

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 22 September 2016
Experienced analytics teams know two key challenges for analytics projects are:

Analytic teams are using decision modeling to frame the problem with their...

Predictive Analytics

BBC 2016: Pioneering Decision Services with Decision Modeling at Kaiser Permanente

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 13 September 2016

Learn how decision modeling with DMN is central to Kaiser Permante's effort to ensure decisions are based on current best practices and increasingly made in real time in this BBC 2016 presentation...

decision tables, DMN, decision services, decision modeling

3 Reasons to Adopt Decision Modeling in your Existing BRMS Program - Upcoming Webinar September 29, 2016

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 07 September 2016

A decision modeling approach using DMN is the best practice for for scaling BRMS programs.


BBC 2016: Beyond Textbooks: Building the Modern Business Architecture

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 06 September 2016

Learn how a modern business architecture was developed to leverage new technologies and align organizational change projects in this BBC 2016 presentation by Andrew Ray, VP Business Architecture &...

business architecture

4 Reasons to Start with Decision Modeling on Your First BRMS Project - Upcoming Webinar September 15, 2016

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 01 September 2016

If you are kicking off your first BRMS project, don’t start by gathering the rules!


BBC 2016: Decision Modeling with DMN Tutorial

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 31 August 2016

DMN, decision modeling, training, BBC2016

Creating Agility and Operational Efficiency with DMN: Podcast and White Paper

Posted By: Meri Gruber
Posted On: 17 August 2016

Business Process, DMN

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